See The Virtual Anthropology Museum in 360 Degrees


You can see all the exhibits in the virtual anthropology museum here on our website, but here is how the exhibitions might look in a real museum.

Usually when we visit a real museum there will be signs saying “DO NOT TOUCH!” but in the virtual anthropology museum, we wanted to create a place where anyone can click on a 3D model and examine it closely as if it was in your own hands.

This has been made a reality because LJMU has been working with partners across Europe to create new ways of viewing cultural heritage, using virtual reality and 3D imaging. An interactive game has been built to showcase this work and the website continues to expand on this, with the latest news, model archive and exciting new exhibitions, curated by the staff and anthropologists as the university.

DigiArt Project is funded by the European Commision under grant number 665066

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