Another Publishing deal for Leading Anthropologist


Professor Joel D. Irish, Subject Leader of Anthropology and Archaeology, has co-written a 2017 book on human dental morphology with G. Richard Scott (University of Nevada, Reno).

It is a lab manual for observing and systematically recording nonmetric crown, root, and intra-oral osseous traits.

In a summarised overview from the book- it provides detailed descriptions and multiple illustrations of more than 40 traits to help researchers make consistent observations on trait expression, to greatly reduce inter- and intra-observer error.

The book also reflects exciting new developments that have significant ramifications for dental anthropology, particularly the recent development of a web-based application that computes the probability that an individual belongs to a particular genogeographic grouping based on combinations of dental traits. Thus, the utility of these variables is expanded to forensic anthropology.

This book is intended for researchers and graduate students in the fields of dental, physical, and forensic anthropology, and is used in Irish’s L7 dental anthropology module here at LJMU.

The cover photo (right – taken by Irish) is of a prehistoric individual that exhibits several crown features characteristic of African populations. The book is published by Cambridge University Press, and is available here.

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